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Lakefront Pictures is a team of creators who tell untold stories by voices normally unheard. We have proven success producing high-production-valued television pilots, short films, feature films, and branded marketing videos. Several of our projects have been official selections in the film festival circuit and recognized by networks and studios. Our dedicated professionals provide top service, creativity, and enthusiasm to serve your project needs.

Our Vision: We share untold stories from voices normally unheard that will influence others to want to change their lifestyle.


The Founders of LFP

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Jennifer Karum


Karum (Goodman) is an award winning Producer who has written, produced and co-directed new media projects, short films and most recently, a horror feature film that has pre-distribution. She's also an actress who has starred and performed in many productions. She has produced, and led teams coordinating talent, hiring crew, negotiating contracts, and raising capital. Her portfolio can be seen HERE.

In 2018, Jennifer received an award as Top 10 female producers through Studio Daily out of Los Angeles. She has also been recognized by a Managing Director at CBS and has an award for her writing and directing The Nest, a short film which won several awards in the festival circuit.

Jennifer is repped by Ambassador Talent in Chicago and also Bankston Talent in Texas.


Jennifer joined forces with Ryan Atkins, Co-creator on Conrad to create Lakefront Pictures.

Ryan Atkins


Ryan is a Content Creator, Director of Photography, and Post-Production Specialist based in Chicago.


He has been working professionally for 15 years, doing visual storytelling and media management for education, corporate, government agencies, small businesses, motion picture productions, and music videos. Recent clients include Northwestern University, The University of Chicago, Ashland University, Sarpino's Pizzeria, Chicago Fire Dept, Make-a-Wish, and more. His most recent work was serving as Video Development Coordinator for Loyola Medicine. He created content, coordinated with doctors, and produced content used for marketing of the hospital. Prior he served as Director of Photography, Post-Supervisor & Co-Creator for the 'Conrad' pilot. His portfolio can be seen HERE.

In 2018 Ryan Co-Founded Lakefront Pictures with Jennifer Karum, specializing in both film, media, commercial and television projects. 

Team Members

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Adam Smestad