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Organizations Lakefront Pictures Sponsors


Lakefront Pictures partners with Autism Speaks, and mission stop human trafficking as it relates to the themes in Conrad Series, our new TV pilot presentation. Some of the proceeds from our projects, fundraisers and events are donated to Autism Speaks.

In 2019, we donated 10% of our proceeds and again in 2020 another 12% to the mission. 


With our Founder Jennifer (Goodman Karum), on the Autism Spectrum and the main character 'Kate Conrad' in the series Jennifer Co-created, also on the spectrum, we believe knowledge, and the achievements associated with both Jennifer and Kate, can inspire and empower others. Jennifer also a member of the Autism Speaks - Chicago Young Leaders Board personally commits her time and energy to providing both an educator and support.


The Conrad Series that the Lakefront Pictures team produced centers on covert operations that Kate Conrad, (main character), discovers after the death of her Chief of Police Father. These events tie in with trafficking of children and the importance of educating and saving those in need.

The Lakefront Pictures team attended and invested significantly  a major Mission to Stop Trafficking in 2019. Pictures can be seen below. In 2019, Conrad Series contributed to a Mission Save The Children event, including Eric Roberts, Harry Lennix and many Conrad team members attending the event in which the team donated $15,000 and became a SPONSOR for the event.

We are always looking for lucrative partnerships and are open to any relationship that missions for the greater good!


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