**Pricing varies on the needs of the scene, dollies, location, and equipment**

All Demo Scene pricing includes the following crew both on and off set

**Start by filling out this form:**

At LAKEFRONT PICTURES, we strive to create great content. We aim to help actors by producing Demo Scenes, which we work to make look like belong in cinema or cinematic episodic television. We write Comedy, Drama, and Romance scenes. 

  • Writer

  • Producer/Director

  • Director of Photography

  • Boom Operator/Sound Mixer

  • Between 1 - 3 PAs/Grips

  • Script Supervisor

  • Editor

  • Special Effects Makeup available based on scene specifics




Brittany Vogel

Melanie McNulty

Monica Ruiz

Jermain Henry

Sarah Quinn

Monica Ruiz

Cathy Carroll

Monica Ruiz

Cathy Carroll

Trevon Townsend

Abigail Pinõn

Kiara Wallace

Alisha Jury

Evan Ivory

Miguel Hernandez

Evan Ivory

Miguel Hernandez

Evan Ivory

Jeff Watkins

Evan Ivory

Jeff Watkins

Tiana Belle

Izabella Wolfe

John Campanile

Izabella Wolfe

Jennifer Goodman

Izabella Wolfe

Austin Andrekus

Gabel Dardovski

Dimitri Michelis

Bashany Garcia

Dimitri Michelis

Alannah Swenka

Steve Lennertz

Desmond MacIntyre

Alannah Swenka

Alannah Swenka

Jorge Martinez

Chena Verony

Alisha Jury

Rose Siegel

Jorge Martinez

Jeff Zarinelli

Jennifer Goodman

Rose Siegel

Kelli Clevenger

Erin Jurevicius

Major Culbert

Desmond McIntyre

Sean Ohlman

Kylie Klunder

Lori Langvis

Steve Lennertz

Jorge Martinez

Candice Rose

Timothy Hull

Kylie Klunder

Daniel Rausch

Cyn Santoyo

Daniel Vaughn Manasia

Kylie Klunder

Torri Gragg

Matthew Grimes

Jeff Zarinelli

Chéna Verony

Lori Rohr

Jamie Ewing

Shenise Danyel

Brandon Lewis

Cyn Santoyo

Jeff Zanirelli



1.   Fill out this form:

2. We schedule an intro call with you to discuss:

  • Your experience

  • Representation (if any)

  • Feedback from your agent(s)

  • Character interests

  • Your headshots and the mood they provide

  • Your scene ideas (if any)

  • Budget available/necessary

    • We have an in-depth discuss on this topic as we can make a lot happen, but we also help morph the scene to your budget as best we can.​

      • In this discussion, we go over the crew necessary to make your scene happen, based on your tastes, your agent requests, and your acting career goals. We facilitate payment to our crew members and ensuring we pay them as fair rates as possible, within the parameters of what you are able to do. Our crew are often the first in and last out for your scene.​

  • Scheduling the filming dates

3. Contract

  • Created to ensure both of us agree to what is involved in creating your scene. Once signed, we move to the next phase.

4. Script

  • We will write a custom script or will revise your current

  • Scripts are sent within 5 days prior to shoot

  • Adjustments can be made

5 . Payment

  • Invoices are sent via QuickBooks in which you can conveniently pay via Debit/Credit Card, Chase QuickPay/Zelle, or PayPal.

  • Payments are split 50%: The first 50% deposit is due upon signing your contract and the final 50% is due 48 hours prior to the filming date.

6 .  Filming

  • Your scene is filmed for you, with you as the star!

  • A real location is used, not a fake background, backdrop, or green screen (unless of course VFX are intentional for your scene!)

  • While all scenes are different, most will have a variety of crew members involved

    • Producer/Director

    • Director of Photography

    • Boom Operator/Sound Mixer

    • 1-3 PA's/Grips

    • Script Supervisor

    • Special Effects Makeup (based on needs for scene)

  • We use a cinema-grade camera (Red Epic Dragon 6K) with cinema-grade lenses to shoot your scene, which is a Hollywood standard across several movies and streaming/network TV shows, including House of Cards, Stranger Things, Game of Thrones, Don't Breathe, Star Trek Beyond, and more. All scenes are shot in DCI 4K RAW resolution (4096 x 2160), with aspect ratios dependent on the scene.

  • You receive quality direction to achieve your highest potential and best performances to showcase in your reel and portfolios.

5 .  Editing

  • Our editing services include: story editing, color grading, sound design (including environmental and special sounds), and music (all music is royalty free).

  • Up to two rounds of major revisions

6 .  Delivery

  • Most demo scenes are delivered within 14 business days

  • Files delivered via Google Drive for easy download and streaming

    • We deliver a version in (web playback) 1080p​

  • Project media retained for up to 30 days/1 month

  • 4K Master retained indefinitely

7 .  Marketing

  • We will feature your scene on our website (down below) in order of release date

  • All scenes are posted as separate videos to Facebook and Instagram TV

  • When you do book a role, let us know! We will feature your accomplishment on our social media!



Alannah Swenka - Demo Scene client

Lakefront pictures produced a high quality looking product for me that really helped expedite my career goals. The staff on set was all very friendly, welcoming and respectful, they created a really safe and fun environment. The staff was also receptive and responsive to corrections I wanted made, which helped me get the products I really needed for my portfolio. Overall it was a good experience that I think will really push my career to the next level.

Jeff Zarinelli, Actor - Demo Scene client

The professionalism, the organization and the knowledge the team at Lakefront provides can help boost the careers of ANY actor looking to thrive in this competitive industry. Just a warm THANK YOU to Jennifer and Ryan. Two hard-working professionals who I am honored to also call friends!

Chéna Verony - Demo Scene client

My demo scene turned out amazing, I am very happy with this experience. Jennifer Karum and Ryan Atkins are incredibly talented and creative as well as their entire team. Loved working with them and will definitely do more scenes with Lakefront Pictures! Thank you for all the hard work you put into this, it shows! #itsallyou

April Gary - Demo Scene client

I want to commend the Lakefront Pictures team for the great work you guys did on my demo reel! The script and footage was great and the turnaround was fast.  I enjoyed working with you guys and I will recommend you to other talent! I look forward to working with you again in the future!

Lori Langvis - Demo Scene client

Jennifer and Ryan plus their entire team are spectacular! The day spent working together with the group was a positive, fun and excellent experience, the whole team are supportive, creative and encouraging to the actors. Outstanding group! Thanks so much for an unforgettable and amazing day!

Candice Rose - Demo Scene client

The entire team at Lakefront Pictures is extremely efficient, accommodating  and professional. Each department puts their heart and soul into the production, from start to finish. As an actor, I wanted a real on-set experience to perform to the best of my ability. Lakefront Pictures afforded me that opportunity, & I am pleased to say that I got what I paid for and more. If you need a demo reel clip that looks and feels like a real life experience and you don't know where to start, consider Lakefront Pictures! You'll feel like the  star you were born to be.

Matthew Grimes - Demo Scene client

Lakefront is one-of-a-kind. The services they have to offer are not easy to come across elsewhere, and are worth the investment if you want casting directors to see you shine. The team will make you laugh and feel comfortable while also coercing fantastic acting from you. Each member offers nothing but brilliance to the table, and works efficiently and intelligently to create the best product possible. They take and give notes well and are quick to communicate. They even made adjustments after sending an initial clip to make it better! An absolute treat to work with them and I will definitely work with them in the future.

Jesse Mendoza- Demo Scene client

Lakefront Pictures is not only a great time to work with but the high quality they produce is even greater. Happy to have come across a service like them to drive my acting career farther.

Cyn Santoyo - Demo Scene client

Choosing Lakefront Pictures to help me with my actor's demo Reel was the best choice I could ever make. Director Jennifer Karum, Ryan Atkins, and the Lakefront crew made me feel comfortable. It was a joy to be creative. I'm looking forward to seeing what happens next in my story. Thanks to all!

Sean Ohlman - Demo Scene client

I loved working with Jennifer and ryan, they were completely 100% professional and looking out for my best interest. They wrote, directed, filmed, and edited a scene for me that looked and felt just like a scene directly from one of the best productions on TV, They know their stuff and they care about making you look great! I highly recommend!

Monica Ruiz - Demo Scene Client

The professionalism of this production company was absolutely incredible. Jennifer Karum, Ryan Atkins, and Sarah along with the rest of the team were so incredibly talented and supportive. I felt so comfortable working on set with them, the energy was great! They gave me such great pointers and feedback and could not have been more pleased with how my scenes turned out. I have had several callbacks already since my demo scenes and can attribute that to this awesome team, so THANK YOU!




Red Epic Dragon 6K.png
Rokinon lens kit.png

Red Epic Dragon 6K

Rokinon Cine Lenses

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Adobe Creative Cloud 2022

2009 Mac Pro Display.png

Apple Mac Pro

Dana Dolly.png

Dana Dolly