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I interned at Lakefront Pictures for two months, and it was an incredibly rewarding experience. The team is supportive and fosters a collaborative environment, allowing interns to engage in various stages of film production. I gained hands-on experience and industry exposure while working on diverse projects. This internship significantly enhanced my skills and provided valuable networking opportunities. I highly recommend Lakefront Pictures to anyone looking to start a career in film.

Joe farina headshot.jpg

Demo Scene Client

I have been around the entertainment industry for most of my life (more than 40 years). My father was a very famous actor, and I was on a lot of TV and film sets with him. I was always impressed with the hard work and professionalism the cast, crew and production companies always displayed. My experience with Lakefront Pictures, in regard to the importance of my own acting career, was fantastic!! I couldn't be happier with the final product of the short film I did with them. The cast, crew and production teams were very professional and a joy to be around. My agent, acting colleagues, family and friends are all very impressed with the incredible quality of work Lakefront Pictures did for me.

Audition Consultation Client

Had a killer experience working with Lakefront Pictures in Chicago for my latest project. Shoutout to Jennifer Karum – she's the real MVP. This crew knows their stuff when it comes to casting.

Jennifer's got an eye for talent that's on another level. She made the whole casting gig feel like a breeze, injecting some serious creativity into the mix. Lakefront Pictures didn't just hook me up with actors; they nailed the vibe of my project. It's like they read my mind.

What I dig most is that they're all about customized solutions. Jennifer took the time to get my project, and it showed in the killer cast we put together. No cookie-cutter stuff here. Plus, the auditions were smooth, and communication was spot-on. Lakefront Pictures and Jennifer are the real deal – if you're in Chicago and need casting done right, hit them up.

On-Camera Talent

Such an incredible experience! Lakefront Pictures is great at what they do and are so passionate. Every team member was so helpful and talented, and they truly want to make sure that the client is happy!


Shadowed Jennifer for a shoot the other day, her and the crew were absolutely delightful, and I hope to work with them again soon.

Demo Scene Client

Great experience with Lakefront Pictures! Jennifer, Ryan, and the entire team were very professional and really nice. Great communication throughout the whole process and everything was super organized. Happy with the final product!

Demo Scene Client

Had a lot of fun shooting with lakefront pictures. Jennifer and the crew were great and kept the energy up on set.

Demo Scene Client

I had such a great experience. Jennifer gave such great feedback, direction and made my experience so easy going easy going and fun. Will definitely be working with the team again!

Demo Scene Client

Great team, Jennifer, Sydney, Brandon, Ryan, and Jeremy. Rehearsal and process is well explained they dont just film it they try to get the good actor in you !
Highly recommend

Short Film Client

Ryan Atkins just did a wonderful re-editing of my short comedy, Karen's Judgment Day! He's fast, easy to work with and very good. He's also a talented cameraman.


I signed with an agency at the beginning of 2024 and wouldn’t have been able to do so without the help of Lakefront Pictures. I moved to Chicago from Denver in October and had next to no knowledge of what I needed to submit to agencies in the area for representation. Lakefront not only held an informational webinar on what agencies look for in applicants, they also edited together a demo reel comprised of previous film work that I had done so that I would have a professional reel to submit. Couldn’t be happier with their professionalism, warmth & candor in regard to entering and engaging in the film/tv/commercial industry! I’m really looking forward to future opportunities with this production company if and when they present themselves!

Actor & PA

I've worked with Lakefront Pictures a couple of times, as both an actor and PA. In every instance the set has been professional, efficient, encouraging, and fun. Jennifer and Ryan have a knack for building talented teams for projects, along with being very skilled themselves, and the final product is always stellar. Looking forward to the next time I can work with this company!

Fernando headshot.jpg

Demo Scene Client

Lakefront Video Production Service is a true gem in the world of video production in Chicago. From start to finish, my experience with them was exceptional. Jennifer and her dedicated team of professionals took my vision and brought it to life with and professional videos. They excel in every aspect of video production, from concept to post-production. Their collaborative approach and attention to detail resulted in a final product that exceeded my expectations. Lakefront goes the extra mile by offering additional services such as giving advises to create an excellent approach to the script given. If you're in search of a video production service that delivers excellence, look no further than Lakefront Video Production Service.

Business Associate

My kind of cinema. They hire impressive actors and crew and are a professional team that does great work on and off screen. Collaborate with Jennifer for your worth.


Lakefront Productions is truly a wonderful company! Co-Founder Jennifer Karum gave me an amazing consultation regarding the process of getting my feature film off the ground. If you can I'd highly recommend working with them.


What a great experience! The team at Lakefront Pictures is just as nice as can be, and our demo scene shoot was super well-thought out and organized. We loved the script, which was developed to meet our specific needs, and we were really impressed with the way the shoot was set up exactly like you would expect for a professional shoot being filmed on-location. The on-set experience was a great bonus and the final product turned out great!

Extra in movie

Such a friendly and welcoming staff, could not have asked for a better experience


Great duo to work with! Ryan knows his stuff and he's great at making assertive decisions for the vision. Jenn is fairly easy to communicate with and I love her enthusiasm. Good time working with these guys!




I just wrapped filming “Sweet Molly” - a moving and scary short film about a young girl trapped in the holds of The FLDS (Fundamentalist - The Church of Latter Day Saints). An amazing experience working with this professional production team. All involved stepped up to the plate in a short turnaround. I would work with this team again in a heartbeat. Thomas Crawford/Professional Actor/Bel Air/This is Us

Dance Video Client

Jennifer did a great job filming our dance performances for our open house at our dance studio. She was on time and professional and got the video files to us immediately. I highly recommend Lakefront Pictures.


I had a phone call with Jennifer asking for any advice on getting into the film industry in Chicago. She was incredibly helpful and very insightful!

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Demo Scene Client

The crew at Lakefront was professional leading up to shooting day as well while on set. Communication was clear and concise. Once on set I found Jen, the Director, gave tactful cues to help draw out the character range of each individual actor. I look forward to seeing the final product!

Steve Lennertz
Demo Scene client

The commitment to the client to making it as good as possible is excellent. All aspects of the production are thought out in detail. They are very technically savvy and it shows in the finished product. I also liked how they work with the actors on set to get the best possible performance. I was extremely happy with how my first demo scene came out and can't wait to see the finished edit of the second one. I can't really make any suggestions because Lakefront Pictures is very good at what they do.  I will recommend Lakefront Pictures, as I am very happy I chose Lakefront Pictures to film my demo scenes

Candice Rose
Demo Scene client

The entire team at Lakefront Pictures is extremely efficient, accommodating  and professional. Each department puts their heart and soul into the production, from start to finish. As an actor, I wanted a real on-set experience to perform to the best of my ability. Lakefront Pictures afforded me that opportunity, & I am pleased to say that I got what I paid for and more. If you need a demo reel clip that looks and feels like a real life experience and you don't know where to start, consider Lakefront Pictures! You'll feel like the  you were born to be.

Cyn Santoyo
Demo Scene client

Choosing Lakefront Pictures to help me with my actor's demo Reel was the best choice I could ever make. Director Jennifer Karum, Ryan Atkins, and the Lakefront crew made me feel comfortable. It was a joy to be creative. I'm looking forward to seeing what happens next in my story. Thanks to all!

Chéna Verony
Demo Scene client

My demo scene turned out amazing, I am very happy with this experience. Jennifer Karum and Ryan Atkins are incredibly talented and creative as well as their entire team. Loved working with them and will definitely do more scenes with Lakefront Pictures! Thank you for all the hard work you put into this, it shows! #itsallyou

Jesse Mendoza
Demo Scene client

Lakefront Pictures is not only a great time to work with but the high quality they produce is even greater. Happy to have come across a service like them to drive my acting career farther.

April Gary
Demo Scene client

I want to commend the Lakefront Pictures team for the great work you guys did on my demo reel! The script and footage was great and the turnaround was fast.  I enjoyed working with you guys and I will recommend you to other talent! I look forward to working with you again in the future!

Maryam, Little Muslim School Business Owner

So happy to launch my first business promotional video with you guys! The final product was amazing and I can’t wait to introduce our business to the world with you guys!

Matthew Grimes
Demo Scene client

The whole team at Lakefront was phenomenal to work with. I'll definitely be recommending you to every actor I know. My agency also loves to encourage actors to utilize resources like this to build their reel, so I'll definitely let them know about you all!

Lori Langvis
Demo Scene client

Jennifer & Ryan plus their entire team are spectacular! The day spent working together with the group was a positive, fun and excellent experience. The whole team was supportive, creative and encouraging to the actors. Outstanding group! Thanks so much for an unforgettable and amazing day!

Rose Siegal
Demo Scene client (NYC)

I just wanted to say thank you one last time for such an amazing experience and I'm sure such an amazing demo you produced. I couldn't ask for a more inviting and peaceful environment. I'd like to keep in touch and I'm excited to see your future endeavors! 

Jeff Zarinelli
Demo Scene client

The professionalism, the organization and the knowledge the team at Lakefront provides can help boost the careers of ANY actor looking to thrive in this competitive industry. Just a warm THANK YOU to Jennifer and Ryan. Two hard-working professionals who I am honored to also call friends!

Jorge Martinez
Demo Scene client

Outstanding performance from everyone on the crew. Great energy on the set as well as each individual putting their hard work to make our demo scenes the top quality that they are. Excellent high standard & over all production from everyone. Loved coming on set every time with this great team! Looking forward to working with them in the future & best luck to their future projects.

Lauren Rose
Set Intimacy Coordinator

The set was incredibly professional and I enjoyed working with every one there. Tons of communication and timeliness which was necessary for our intimate scenes occuring.

Veronica Veers
Short Film Actress

From day one of getting cast, the production team was very informative and communicative about the entire production. My daughter had a great time working with Lakefront Pictures! Jennifer, Ryan and the entire team were absolutely wonderful to work with. Everyone on set was professional, ready to work, and fun! They even made sure to have her favorite snacks on hand for the shoot. We would definitely recommend working with Lakefront Pictures!

Monica Ruiz
Demo Scene Client

The professionalism of this production company was absolutely incredible. Jennifer Karum, Ryan Atkins, and Sarah along with the rest of the team were so incredibly talented and supportive. I felt so comfortable working on set with them, the energy was great! They gave me such great pointers and feedback and could not have been more pleased with how my scenes turned out. I have had several callbacks already since my demo scenes and can attribute that to this awesome team, so THANK YOU!

Olivia - Intern

I started working with Lakefront in the summer of 2022 and my experience has been nothing but positive and illuminating. Through my role, I have been able to gain much hands-on experience working on set as a Production Assistant. Each set I have worked on has been so fun, and I've learned so much working alongside Jennifer and Ryan. I have gotten the opportunity to further my editing skills and learn so much from Ryan who is very knowledgable on all the technical aspects of film production. Lakefront Pictures is an amazing company that I highly recommend working with. They produce high-quality content and ensure all of their clients' needs are met!


Walt Sloan
Demo Scene Client

I have worked with Lakefront Pictures as an actor on a TV pilot, a short film, and an industrial video. In each case, I enjoyed the experience and was impressed by the resulting production value. If you are seeking production services, check them out.


Josie Lunn
Former Intern

I had to opportunity to intern with Lakefront and had a great experience! It was a great hands on opportunity and I got to learn about all the different positions on a film set. Everybody was super kind and I learned about alot. I especially liked how they would let us choose what department we felt like shadowing so we could explore all of our interests. Jennifer and Ryan were great to work with and great mentors!


Kate Coleman
Demo Scene Client

I loved the professionalism and warmth of the cast and crew. Can’t wait to see the final product! Had a great experience!

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