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The Unseen (Feature) | 2022

A young lawyer finds himself in a twisted web of murder and deceit brought on by a dark force from his past.

Written by: Jennifer A Goodman (Karum)

Blackhatter (Short) | 2022

Written by: Sarah Quinn & Amanda Gecewicz

Directed by:  Amanda Gecewicz

Director Consultants: Jennifer Karum & Vince Shade

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Happily Married Woman (Short) | 2022

When Virginia’s lover goes missing at the same state park her husband spent the weekend, she begins to question if her husband is a murderer. Unable to ask him, she investigates, growing increasingly fearful that he will kill her next.

Written by: Melanie Coffey

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Pictures Only (Short) | 2021

Set in the 1950s, a young woman tries to balance life and her family, and when she loses her job, she must start all over, and ends up in an underground world she never expected to be a part of.

Written by: Charles A. Honeywood

Produced by: Lakefront Pictures

Would You Hide Me? (Documentary: Pick-Ups) 2021

Have you ever wondered if you could be a hero? Would you hide an entire family? Who would hide you if you needed to be hidden?  I am the daughter of Holocaust survivor and the questions I ask myself all the time are: “would I be here if my mother hadn’t been hidden?” and “who else helped my mother and her siblings survive?” A film about standing up for Justice by Beth Lane. 


Lakefront Pictures produced the Pick-Up Shoots and event.

ManuScript by: Beth Lane 

Produced Pick-up Scenes: Lakefront Pictures

Orchard Road (Short)

Etherial and artistic, created by artists Maggie Meiners and Patti, who our team helped with re-fining and editing the script enriching their concept into a film ready script

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Conrad (Pilot) | 2020

A rookie female detective on the autism spectrum, opens a secret investigation into her Police Chief father's death and with frenetic thoughts that just won't stop, she uncovers a covert operation involving trafficking and immigration that is linked to mysteries in her own past.

Written by: Jennifer A Goodman (Karum)

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The Nest (Short) | 2018

Rachel is an independent young woman, who is tortured by premonitions that force her to experience the fate of others.

Written by: Jennifer A Goodman (Karum)